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How virtual tours help families choose an assisted living facility

By Cathy Williams Basch

Virtual Tours of Assisted Living facilities help families to choose the best new home for mom and dad.

When the time comes when you are faced with the decision to move mom or dad into an assisted living facility , how do you begin and what will help you make a decision?

I can only imagine the emotional distress I would be under giving the task of choosing a facility. I have 4 brothers who will be involved in the decision making process. I will want their opinions - with 2 of the 5 of us out of state, the decision will be left to the 3 of us who live locally - but I want all of my brothers involved in the decision making process. I want everyone to see the facility and be able to get the best representation of the facility my parents will call home. I want my brothers to get the closest thing to being there as possible, so we all feel good about the choice.

Virtual tours have proven to be a tool that has helped families who are spread out across the country. Distant family members are able to take a virtual tour of assisted living facilities, no matter where they are located. Virtual tours for senior care is a far better tool as it allows the viewer to control the presentation and are not just shown a fancy commercial on video . Pictures don't lie. They explain the room space, flow and the available amenities.

Virtual tours for senior care, assisted living amenities and nursing homes have been in use for years and the technology continues to improve in quality, load time and function. For the senior care industry, virtual tours provide many marketing tools that are built right in. These tools will increase your websites SEO, increase the time a viewer spends on your website and ultimately leads to conversions .

If you'd like to learn more about using virtual tours to market a senior care, assisted living or nursing care facility - contact us 732.276.9560.

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