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Get more from your virtual tours and professional photography

by Michael Basch

Currently, by using professional services, you do a number of things:

1. Convey to your sellers that you spare no expense at representing their most valued possession 2. Create a perceived value to those looking for homes – showing your detail and concerns for quality. Defining your level of professionalism. 3. Differentiate your listings from your competitors 4. Plant seeds for future opportunities – Create the “can you do that for me” effect from the local residents.

Next step – How to differentiate yourself from other realtors Evolution of the introduction to new technology tools When marketing, especially when embracing technology, in the beginning, you have the innovators. Agents looking for something unique that will give them that “competitive edge.” They’ll spend the money it takes to give them that unique positioning.

The next stage brings you the validators. Agents that look to their peers. Checking to see who else is using these new-found tools. Weighing the benefits of jumping in.

As more and more realtors embrace the concept and usage, many will jump in, sight unseen. They realize that if they don’t get involved, they’ll lose out. They’ll be left behind. At that point, it’s the “NORM” to list homes using the proven marketing technology. Unfortunately, the ship has sailed.

Now, clients are demanding that you use these marketing tools when listing their homes. If you don’t, they’ll just move on to one of the other realtors that do. So what can you now do to differentiate yourself once again from your peers? Since it’s too costly to jump in at Phase 1, you might consider jumping into Phase 2 – VALIDATION.

Take a look at adding an extra layer of knowledge to your marketing toolset. Consider adding a 3D tour (digital twin) to your arsenal.

WHY? Not too many agents have introduced 3D into their mainstream listing presentation. There are still fence-sitters, justifying why using a 3D model just doesn’t work. “It gets me dizzy.” “I bump into walls.” Are some of the excuses I hear. Having a 3D tour created for your listings does multiple things:

Pre-qualifies buyers No surprises. People already have a

familiarity of the layout of the house

Deals with skiddish With the recent pandemic, sellers and buyers/sellers buyers appreciate the reduction of contact

with the general public

Handles scheduling When you just can’t find a mutual time to

and relocation buying meet, a 3D model will get the ball

rolling and prevent a buyer from finding

someone else to show them the house

Demonstrates your Sellers love to show off their prized

ability to provide state- possession. They want to deal with an

of-the-art solutions agent that shows that they spare no

expense when it comes to marketing their

homes. Adding an extra layer of marketing

with a 3D virtual tour will make both you

and your listings stand out from the


In a recent BUYER SURVEY (data collected from April 2022-June 2022),

61% of buyers said they wished more listings included 3D tours and 46% of millennial buyers said they would be confident making an offer on a home they toured virtually.

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